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On September 15, 2021, Arm announced the launch of it’s Scalable Open Architecture (SOAFEE) for the Embedded Edge. The SOAFEE software architecture and open-source reference implementation, brings the real-time and safety needs of automotive together with the advantages of a cloud-native approach. SOAFEE is the result of automakers, system integrators, semiconductor, software, and cloud technology leaders coming together to define a new open-standards-based architecture for the software-defined vehicle of the future. In addition, the SOAFEE reference implementation, an implementation of the architecture defined by a Special Interest Group (SIG) of these leaders, will be free open-source software aimed at allowing broad prototyping, workload exploration and early development.

Two new ADLINK reference hardware platforms enable workload exploration and testing on high-performance Arm-based silicon ahead of commercialization

AVA Developer Platform
AVA Developer Platfrom image-20210929193845293


  • The AVA Developer Platform, that has already been sampled to selected early customers, is a high-performance, ARM based scalable compute system for lab-based software development. The system is a fully modular solution build around a standard PICMG COM-HPC® module with an Ampere® Altra® 32-core ARM SOC. The platform support edk2/UEFI and can run off the shelve aarch64 Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Yocto, CentOS etc.

AVA-AP1 : Rugged and Mobile
  • The AVA-AP1, still in early prototype phase, is a compact, rugged COM HPC based system for in-vehicle prototyping and live testing, based on a top of the line high-performance 80 cores Ampere® Altra® SOC for increased CPU performance. It’s autonomous specific COM HPC carrier supports multiple POE or IP cameras and will include a safety processor to support in-vehicle realtime based sensing and control

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