Quick Start Instructions


  • AVA Developer platform comes with pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 OS.

  • You can also download the official Linux Distributions of your own choice (Yocto/Ubuntu/CentOS/Fedora) from our downloads page into your host computer click here.

  • If you chose to install other OS, Please go through our Software Documentation for Installing and booting procedure

  • Connect the Power cable, Mouse, Keyboard, VGA cable and LAN cable to the AVA Developer platform

  • After successful booting, the desktop screen should be visible on the connected VGA display.


  • It might take 50 seconds for the EDK2 screen appearance and about 55 seconds for Linux booting

  • Power button needs to be pushed for 2 seconds and than released than system will boot up. See “Power up/down and ACPI behavior“ in User Interfaces

  • Logging information with the pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04.03 ( HWE kernel 5.11):

  • username: adlink

  • password(root): adlink123