Quick Start Instructions


  • AVA Developer platform comes with pre-installed Ubuntu 20.04.3 OS.

  • You can also download the prebuilt OS of your own choice (Yocto/Ubuntu/CentOS) from our downloads page into your host computer click here.

  • If you chose to install other OS, Please go through our Software Documentation for Installing and booting procedure

  • Connect the Power cable, Mouse, Keyboard, VGA cable and LAN cable to the AVA Developer platform

  • After successful booting, the desktop screen should be visible on the connected VGA display.


    1. It might take 50 seconds for the EDK II screen appearance and about 55 seconds for Linux booting

    2. Power button needs to be pushed for 2 seconds and than released than system will boot up. See “Power up/down and ACPI behavior” in User Interfaces