Flashing your EDKII firmware

Using a UEFI Shell

The following describes how to flash your system’s EDKII firmware using a UEFI Shell, which requires an empty FAT32 USB drive and your AVA Developer Platform, at first, being turned off with all USB ports unused.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly suggested that you have a DediProg and DB40 board before flashing the firmware using UEFI Shell.

How to boot your system with UEFI Shell?

1. Copy the downloaded files to the root directory of an empty USB drive with standard FAT32 format.


WARNING: Irreversible data loss or OS damage may result when copying to the wrong device or location.

2. Make sure that your AVA Developer Platform is turned off with all USB ports unused.

3. Insert the USB drive containing the exacted files into your AVA Developer Platform, and then turn it on.

4. Wait (~50 to 60 seconds) for the following screen to appear, and then upon appearing, press ESC several times to enter the EDKII setup menu.


6. The EDKII setup menu appears.


A. If you want to check the current versions of your EDKII firmware, do the following:

Click for details

EDKII firmware version: Your current EDKII firmware version is displayed on the upper-left corner of the EDKII setup menu.

B. If you want to flash your EDKII firmware, proceed to Step 7.

How to flash your EDKII firmware?

7. In the EDKII setup menu, go to Boot Manager > UEFI Shell, as demonstrated below.


8. The USB drive with the extracted files shall be displayed under FS0, as exemplified below.


— To flash your both EDKII firmware, do the following:

Shell> FS0:
FS0:\\> ls
FS0:\\> cd ComHpcAlt_tianocore_atf_2.04.100.07
FS0:\\> capsule.nsh

A script name “capsule.nsh“ would help you to execute both EDKII firmware flashing and reboot the hardware automatically. Please wait for ~2 minutes for this process to complete.


  1. Capsule operation has been reconfigured since v2.04 and downgrading from v2.04 to v1.07 is not supported

  2. Capsule.nsh script can automatically distinguish your hardware between A1 and A2 to upgrade the corresponding EDK2 FW.

Once the update is finished, please double-check that the EDKII firmware is of the correct version by repeating step 6-A.