How to Configure Payload Size of Intel x710 10G Network Card

  1. Turn on your AVA Developer Platform and Wait (~50 to 60 seconds) for the following screen to appear, and then upon appearing, press ESC several times to enter the EDKII setup menu.


  1. EDKII setup menu appears.


  1. Go to [Device Manager] > [Platform Manager ] > [PCIE Device Configuration]

    you would see this Device ID is 0x8086:0x15xx (“xx” indicates it would be changed with random number) which indicates Intel X710 10G Network Adapter


  1. Get into PCIe Device: 0x8086:0x1589 to configure with the following parameters like this below:

    • Max Payload Size: 256 Bytes
    • Max Read Request Size: 512 Bytes


  1. Press [F10] function key and then “Y” to save your change. Once finished, please reboot your AVA Developer Platform