User Interfaces

Industrial I-Pi SMARC with SMARC LEC-PX30 SoM

Component Description
A LAN 1 10/100 Mb network connector
B LAN 2 10/100 Mb network connector
C USB 3 Type A USB host stacked connector
D USB 2 Type A USB host stacked connector
E 40-Pin HEADER RBP compatible 40 pins signal header
F ADC header Analog signal input
G BOOT select Selector to change boot modes
H HDMI port For connecting external displays via HDMI (Only for Industrial Pi)
I Micro-SD Card Slot Boot OS via Micro-SD
J Power Button Power on your system
K CAN bus Header Screw type header for CAN bus
L Power Jack 12Vdc barrel jack ( min 2A )
M USB OTG Micro-USB OTG port
N HDMI port For connecting external displays via HDMI ( Only for Neuron Pi )
O Audio Jack 3.5 mm Audio jack
P Reset Button Forcefully reboot your system

40 Pin Expansion Header Pin-Out

Linux GPIO (/sys/class/gpio) Function MRAA number MRAA number Function Linux GPIO (/sys/class/gpio)
3V3 1 2 5V
I2C_0 SDA 3 4 5V
I2C_0 SCL 5 6 GND
116 GPIO 7 8 UART TX
118 GPIO 11 12 GPIO 117
107 GPIO 13 14 GND
104 GPIO 15 16 GPIO 109
3V3 17 18 GPIO 121
SPI MISO 21 22 GPIO 122
GND 25 26 n/a
I2C_1 SDA 27 28 I2C_1 SCL
496 GPIO/PWM 29 30 GND
497 GPIO/PWM 31 32 GPIO/PWM 498
499 GPIO/PWM 33 34 GND
500 GPIO/PWM 35 36 GPIO/PWM 501
502 GPIO/PWM 37 38 GPIO/PWM 503
GND 39 40 GPIO/PWM 504

Note: The 40 pin header is compatible with Raspberry PI HAT’s and is accessible via the MRAA library

Power Supply

The Industrial Pi-SMARC is powered by a 12V DC power supply, make sure this supply can reach 1.5A@12V DC.”, standard a compatible power supply is delivered together with your development board

Displays & User Input

Following items are needed when connecting your Ipi-SMARC to an external display for use as a desktop computer or media center. > HDMI 1.4 Cable and a (Wireless) USB Keyboard + Mouse

Linux OS image

The Industrial Pi-SMARC is equipped with a MICRO SD card slot to boot a compatible operating system and OS image, this also includes MRAA Library & sample codes.