Quick Start Guide

By default, your kit comes without any image. The Canonical Ubuntu can support Intel Edge Insights for Vision SW. Upon booting, your device will automatically boot into Ubuntu once it has been flashed with the Ubuntu image in the hard disk. For details on how to use Intel Edge Insights, please refer to following links:

If you want to replace the pre-installed OS with another, you can do so by following the step below:

  1. Download the desired OS (Yocto/Ubuntu/Windows/Android) from our download page into your host computer.

  2. Insert an empty USB drive (>16GB) into your host computer and flash the downloaded OS image to make it into a bootable USB drive.

  3. Connect the required power cable, mouse, keyboard, HDMI display, and network LAN to your target board.

  4. Plug the bootable USB drive to your target board and and power it on, and then press [ESC] repeatedly until you enter the boot manager.

  5. After entering, select the USB drive from boot options to boot your system.

Once successfully booted, you shall be able to see the desktop screen on the connected HDMI display