LEC-IMX8MP SMARC 2.1.1 module with I-Pi SMARC Plus Carrier Board

Industrial Prototyping Kit for IoT/AIoT with Off-the-Shelf SMARC Computer-on-Module

SMARC 2.1.1 Carrier Board with M.2 Extension.


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  • Equipped with SMARC 2.1.1 compliant, specially designed for
    industrial embedded applications requiring long life, high MTBF and
    strict revision control
  • Includes everything needed to go live in minutes
  • Industrial grade quality and 15 year product availability
  • Supports Android, Ubuntu and Yocto OS


Graphics and Camera

  • 1x HDMI 1.4b / 2.0b

  • 1x eDP 1.3 (bom option)

  • 1x MIPI-DSI 4 lanes

  • 1x MIPI-CSI dual lane interface

  • 1x MIPI-CSI quad lane interface


  • Interchangeable audio codec connector with I2S and HDA signals

Dual Ethernet

  • 1x 10/100/1000 RJ45 connector

  • 1x 10/100/1000 RJ45 connector

Expansion Busses

  • 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 2.0 OTG connectors

  • 4x UART interfaces SER2 (TX/X/CTS/RTS) and SER0, SER1, SER3 (TX/RX)

  • 2x CAN 2 interface pin headers

  • 2x SPI pin headers

  • 1x I²S interface to audio interface

  • 2x I²C interface on pin header

  • 14x GPIO with interrupt on pin header

  • M.2 B-key and M.2 E-key expansion slots for additional storage or communication

  • MicroSD card slot

  • SIM card slot


  • 1x SDIO (4-bit) compatible with SD/SDIO standard, up to version 3.0


  • 1x Reset button
  • 1x Power button


  • 19Vdc input via barrel connector

Mechanical and Environmental

  • Form Factor: SGET SMARC Specifications 2.1

  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 110 mm

  • Operating Temperature:

    • Standard: 0°C to +60°C
    • Rugged: -40°C to +85°C (optional)
  • Humidity:

    • 5-90% RH operating, non-condensing
    • 5-95% RH storage (and operating with conformal coating)
  • Shock and Vibration:

    • IEC 60068-2-64 and IEC-60068-2-27, MIL-STD-202 F,
    • Method 213B, Table 213-I, Condition A and Method 214A, Table 214-I, Condition D
  • HALT

    • Thermal Stress, Vibration Stress, Thermal Shock and Combined Test

Block Diagram