Quick Start Instructions

All kits are shipped with a USB (UMS) enabled Uboot loader. All instructions provided below assume that your kit is in the state as you received it originally.

  • From here on your I-PI Kit is referred to as “target”, and for example your notebook is referred to as “development host”

  • Download the OS of your choice from our download pages click here.

  • Connect the power cable, mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable and LAN cable to the target and power it up.

  • Connect micro USB connector side of the USB cable to the to the target’s OTG port and the other end to the the development host.

  • The eMMC on the target will now be detected as USB storage device in the development host. You can now flash a prebuilt image straight into the eMMC from the development host ,

  • Flashing an image to an SD Card can simply be done on the development host without need for the target

  • After successful booting, the Wayland desktop screen should be visible on the connected display.

Note that after flashing your image to the eMMC, the bootloader gets over written by a non USB (UMS) enabled bootloader !
To recreate the factory situation of being able to connect to eMMC storage from the host system, you can also boot a SDcard that conatincs the same USB enabled bootloader that you can download here

Watch our video on quick start connections out of the box and booting into Wayland: