Formatting UFS(Universal Flash Storage)

This document provides detailed instructions on formatting the UFS of I-Pi SMARC 1200 for Linux users.


  • Be prepared with the target device(I-Pi SMARC 1200) and power cable, USB to Micro cable.
  • For I-Pi SMARC 1200, the boot switch must be 1001 on the target device.
  • The Linux host must be Ubuntu 18.04 or later.

The steps to follow when formatting the UFS

  • Install the modemanger API tool on your host device.

    sudo apt install modemmanger
  • Download the latest version of SP Flash Tool by clicking here.

  • Unzip the downloaded file.

    tar zxvf sp_flash_tool.tar.gz
  • Formatting the UFS with the latest file.

    cd /sp_flash_tool
  • Turn on the target device and connect the USB cable from the host device to the target device.

  • Run the following script file.

  • Now, press the reset key on the target device to make it as fastboot device.

  • Once the target device is detected as a fastboot device it will automatically start to flash the image.

  • When it’s get done you will see the following output,

    100% of flash has been formatted.
    Format Succeeded.
    All command exec done!
  • As a result, the UFS image has been formatted and the latest version has been applied.