Artificial Intelligence(AI) for Everyone

The magical works of AI may or may not be familiar to you. AI is extremely efficient in all fields, nearly capable of doing anything in the industrial world. The use of artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily lives, from our smartphones to our smart homes. It is likely that AI devices and equipment will be the norm in the upcoming Industrial era. This is why we need to keep abreast of the latest technologies. AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities and unimaginable works. Industrial and medical applications of AI and machine learning are very beneficial in this new era. The new generation of AI allows engineers to utilize their innovative ideas in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence on Modules

Edge devices are primarily used to make prototyping our work much easier and faster. For edge devices to work, different kinds of modules are used. The chips in these modules are among the latest in the industry. ADLINK Technology offers a new range of modules to assist with AI at the edge, enabling us to do our work faster than we would have done with the traditional I-Pi SMARC RB5 development kit. The development kit can support the SDK so the work is made easier with the latest AI packages and libraries.

Reducing the Time of Work

Even though the work is efficient and accurate, the time required to make it is very long. By using edge devices, we can make our work much more efficient by avoiding time-consuming processes. Nowadays, edge devices with machine learning are growing rapidly. Our edge devices will assist us in prototyping our work to see outputs. It is expected that the upcoming generation will rely more heavily on edge devices. In order to make our work easier, the edge devices are capable of supporting many programming languages, such as C#, C++, Python, and others. The edge devices allow you to use existing models to build your work as well as build your own.

Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK can help developers optimize the performance of well-trained neural networks on I-Pi SMARC development kits with Snapdragon processors to save time and effort. Software development kit (SDK) is prepared to aid developers in running Caffe/Caffe2, ONNX, or TensorFlow neural network models on the I-Pi SMARC RB5 development kit.

Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK provides tools to convert models and execute them. It is capable of supporting Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs) and custom layers. By using the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK, developers are able to focus on building new and innovative experiences. The workflow of the SDK is following:


Model training is performed on a popular deep learning framework (Caffe, Caffe2, ONNX and TensorFlow models are supported by SNPE.) After training is complete the trained model is converted into a DLC file that can be loaded into the SNPE runtime. This DLC file can then be used to perform forward inference passes using one of the Snapdragon accelerated compute cores.

The basic SNPE workflow consists of only a few steps:

  1. Convert the network model to a DLC file that can be loaded by SNPE.
  2. Optionally quantize the DLC file for running on the Hexagon DSP.
  3. Prepare input data for the model.
  4. Load and execute the model using SNPE runtime.

Features of the Qualcomm® Neural Processing SDK

The Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine (SNPE) is a Qualcomm Snapdragon software accelerated runtime for the execution of deep neural networks. With SNPE, users can:

  • Execute an arbitrarily deep neural network
  • Execute the network on the SnapdragonTM CPU, the AdrenoTM GPU or the HexagonTM DSP.
  • Debug the network execution on x86 Ubuntu Linux
  • Convert Caffe, Caffe2, ONNXTM and TensorFlowTM models to a SNPE Deep Learning Container (DLC) file
  • Quantize DLC files to 8 bit fixed point for running on the Hexagon DSP
  • Debug and analyze the performance of the network with SNPE tools
  • Integrate a network into applications and other code via C++ or Java