Deploying OpenVINO™ Toolkit on Elkhart Lake

This document will lead you through the process of deploying the Intel® Distribution of the OpenVINO™ Toolkit on COM Express Type 10 Elkhart Lake. Installation of the OpenVINO™ Toolkit on the COM Express Type 10 Elkhart Lake can be found here. The link allows you to choose your desired package based on your host system; it is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Included in the download package

  • Runtime/Inference Engine
  • Model Optimizer
  • Benchmark Tool
  • Accuracy Checker
  • Annotation Converter
  • Post-Training Optimization Tool
  • Model Downloader and other Open Model Zoo tools

The latest version of OpenVINO™ Toolkit 2022.1 has pre-trained models and algorithms. This version comes with a number of tutorials and frameworks. These frameworks can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Frameworks available on latest OpenVINO™ Toolkit

  • Caffe
  • Kaldi
  • MXNet
  • ONNX
  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow 1.x
  • TensorFlow 2.x

OpenVINO Notebooks can be used to create your own model based on your requirements. The COM Express Type 10 Elkhart Lake platform enables the training of models and algorithms on both a CPU and GPU. The COM Express Type 10 Elkhart Lake is also VPU compatible. If you wish to enable the VPU, you can use Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, follow our YouTube channel.