Using Dediprog to flash EDKII when unable to boot

When using EDKII v1.07, an NVRAM corruption may occur causing EDKII unable to boot properly. To fix this, you must flash the EDKII back to its original version, and then update it to latest version using the Capsule utility under UEFI.

Flashing the EDKII back to its original version:

1. First, power off your system.

2. Since the DB40 connector is located underneath the module, you may need to unscrew and take out the carrier board with the module attached, as exemplified below.

Note: You can skip this step if you can access the DB40 connector directly, such as using a DB40 cable.


3. Locate the DB40 connector that is underneath the module.


4. Connect a Dediprog programmer and DB40 board to the DB40 connector as exemplified below.



There are two different types of DB40 boards, one for A1 and one for A2

(How to distinguish between A1 and A2? Please click here for details).

  • The green DB40 board is used for A1


  • The black DB40 board is used for A2


5. Once connected, execute Dedoprog software and select MX25L25735F ROM


6. Add the .bin file and click OK.


Here are the download links of the original versions of EDKII

  • EDKII 1.07.300.02b for A1: Click here
  • EDKII 1.07.300.04 for A2: Click here

7. Click the Batch button to start flashing.

8. Once finished, please refer to here for updating to the latest firmware via UEFI in fixing the above mentioned NVRAM issue.