Ampere Altra Developer Platform (AADP)


ADLINK's Ampere Altra Developer Platform is a preassembled Arm SystemReady SR-certified 32/64/80-core development system that supports most standard AArch64 (arm64) Linux distributions for immediate embedded development straight out of the box. It is built with ADLINK's COM-HPC Ampere Altra Server Type module based on Ampere® Altra® SoC using the Arm® NeoverseTM N1 architecture. The module harnesses 32 / 64 / 80 Arm v8.2 64-bit cores at 2.8GHz and offers large dedicated memory caches and up to 768GB DDR4 system memory with 6 individual memory channels to empower software developers with first-class predictable performance and scalability across various compute-intensive edge uses.

AVA Developer Platform


Hosting Arm’s SOAFEE and Arm®SystemReady-SR-certified, ADLINK’s AVA Developer Platform is an out-of-the-box-ready COM-HPC server-type reference and ARM64 software development solution, providing a cloud-native environment for embedded edge development. It is powered by 32/80-core Ampere® Altra® SoC, using the Arm Neoverse® N1 architecture, and supports EDKII and mainstream Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, to drive a variety of edge development use cases.

AVA AP-1: Rugged and Mobile


The AVA-AP1 is a compact, rugged, and mobile alternative to the AVA Development Platform for in-vehicle prototyping and live testing, still in its early prototype phase. It is equipped with an 80-core Ampere® Altra® SoC and an autonomous-specific COM-HPC carrier, which supports multiple PoE/IP cameras and includes a safety processor for in-vehicle real-time sensing and control.


image-20210929193845293 image-20210929193845293
On September 15, 2021, Arm® announced the launch of its SOAFEE (Scalable Open Architecture for the Embedded Edge) to fulfill the real-time and safety needs of automotive development and workloads from a cloud-native approach. SOAFEE is an open-source-based architecture for the software-defined vehicles of tomorrow. It is jointly defined by leaders across different industries, including automakers, system integrators, semiconductor suppliers, software engineers, and cloud technology providers. For broader prototyping, workload exploration, and early development, the SOAFEE Special Interest Group (SIG) has also defined a public open-source implementation of the architecture in this regard – _the SOAFEE reference implementation_.

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