Quick Start Guide

Ampere Altra Dev Kit

The Ampere Altra Dev Kit comes with the COM-HPC module, COM-HPC carrier, and power part heatsinks preassembled. You only need to attach its high-profile heatsink with fan to get started. Note that the fan also comes with a connector converter cable.

1. Place your module-mounted carrier on a leveled surface.

2. Connect one end of the connector converter cable to the fan cable, as illustrated below.


3. Then, connect the other end of the connector converter cable to the module, as illustrated below.


4. Peel off the block seal at the back of your heat sink with fan, as illustrated below.

5. After removing the seal, attach your heat sink with fan onto the module using its 4 spring screws, as illustrated below.


6. Lastly, flip the carrier over to its back and use 4 screws to finish securing the heatsink in place, as indicated below.

7. Using a self-prepared Ethernet cable, connect your Ampere Altra Dev Kit to a network.

8. Connect a USB mouse, USB keyboard, and a VGA monitor to your Ampere Altra Dev Kit.

9. Connect your Ampere Altra Dev Kit to power.

10. Before turning it on, please note that your Ampere Altra Dev Kit is **preinstalled with Ubuntu 20.04. If you want to use another operating system (OS), please follow the corresponding OS installation procedures:

11. Turn on your Ampere Altra Dev Kit by pressing the carrier’s power button for ~2 seconds and then releasing it.


  • During startup, it shall take ~50 seconds for the EDKII screen to appear and ~55 seconds for the Linux OS to fully boot.

  • The default login username and password of the preinstalled Ubuntu 20.04 (HWE kernel 5.11) are:

    username: adlink

    password(root): adlink123