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COM-HPC Server Carrier


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COM-HPC Server carrier is a general purpose carrier for generic COM-HPC server type modules typically used for prototyping purposes.

The carrier is an EATX size and can be mounted into standard EATX capable tower enclosures.

It is powered by off the shelve ATX type power supplies.

Summary of Interfaces

PCIe slots Rear I/O Aux Headers
PCIe x16 GEN4 two slots 4x USB 3.0 *RS232
PCIe x8 GEN4 one slot LAN GbE 5x FAN power
PCIe x4 GEN4 two slots LAN GbE (BMC management) Front panel signals
M.2 M key GEN4 two slots Analog VGA SPI, GPIO
RS232 DB9 2x I2C, SMBus
2x SATA (not active)

Note: Please wait for further releases


Core Module Interface

  • PICMG COM-HPC Revision 1.0
  • Support Server Type module in Size E or Size D form factor


  • 305 mm x 330 mm (Extended-ATX)

Expansion Busses

  • 2 PCI Express x4 slot (PCIe lane 0-3, 4-7)
  • 2 PCI Express x4 M.2 M key connector (PCIe lane 8-11, 12-15)
  • 2 PCI Express x16 slot (PCIe lane 16-31, 32-47)
  • 1 PCI Express x8 slot (PCIe lane 48-55)


  • Onboard IO expander for BIOS POST code data, on I2C bus

Secondary BIOS

  • Onboard socket for secondary SPI flash


  • Two x 400-pin (10mm height)

OCP Mezzanine like Ethernet

Three connector (A,B,C) on carrier on Rear side

  • Connector C: 4x KR input (ETH 0-3) and support ADLINK OCP Mezzanie like Ethernet card
  • Connector B: 4x KR input (ETH 4-7) and support ADLINK OCP Mezzanie like Ethernet card

  • Connector A: x8 PCIe lanes input (PCIe lane 56-63)

  • NC-SI (from Carrier BMC) and support OCP Mezzanie 2.0 Ethernet card

General Purpose LAN

  • 2500/1000/100/10BASE-T compatible RJ-45 on Rear I/O

  • Note: 2500BASE-T depends on COM-HPC module

Remote Management LAN

  • 1000/100/10BASE-T compatible RJ-45 on Rear I/O

  • Source from the Carrier BMC

Carrier BMC

  • Carrier BMC is for the out-of-band management (TBC)


  • 2x SATA (if supported by a COM-HPC module)


  • 4x USB 3.2/2.0/1.0 (USB 0-3) Type A connector on Rear I/O
  • 2x USB 2.0 header (USB 5-6) for front panel usage (TBC)
  • 1x USB 2.0 Vertical connector (USB 7) (TBC)

Serial Port

  • 1x DB-9 (UART 0) on Rear I/O, 1x onboard 10-pin header (UART 1)

VGA Port

  • 1x VGA on Rear I/O for development purpose


  • 1x 4-pin FAN connector (source from COM-HPC module)
  • 5x 4-pin FAN connector (source from the Carrier BMC)

Feature Connectors

  • Headers for SMBus, 2x I2C, eSPI, GP_SPI, 12x GPIO, IPMB (source from the Carrier BMC)

  • Header for front panel usage

  • Jumpers for module control signals


  • Power Button, Reset Button, status LEDs

Preliminary Functional Diagram


LED Behavior


Label & Color Indication
5VSB (Green) 5VSB of ATX power supply is ready
S3 (Blue) System is not in S0 mode
PWR_ON (Green) System is in S0 mode
WDT (Red) Watch Dog timer (WDT) event
BMC_HB (Orange) BMC heart beat (BMC_HB) Normal behavior of Carrier BMC)

S5 Green Blue OFF Blink
S0 Green OFF Green Blink