Preferred Firmware Versions (ES1/A1)

Note: It is highly recommended that each of your system’s firmware is updated to the preferred version, as listed below, for supporting all of its latest functions.

Firmware Version Description
EDKII 1. Fixed NVRAM corruption issue causing EDKII unable to boot properly
2. Added workaround for CPU voltage inversion issue and disabled fail-safe mode
3. Fixed EDKII hanging caused by USB drive
4. Temporarily removed SSIF interface from ACPI causing prolonged Ubuntu booting time
5. Added UEFI setup option to configure PCIe Speed defaulted to GEN3
6. Fixed MMIO32bit PCI memory addressing
7. Added GPIO function
8. Added RTC libraries
9. Added SMBIOS Type1
10. Added script distinguishing A1 vs. A2 hardware.
MMC 1.09 1. Fixed inability to correctly recognize CPU reset pin when rebooting repeatedly
2. Fixed inability to automatically shut down upon reaching 120°C (unlikely to encounter such as the liquid cooling system keeps the CPU temperature below 50°C)
3. Prohibited manual power off during firmware loading, which would cause the system unable to boot properly
BMC 1.08 Fixed thermal trip configuration resulting in CPU thermal throttling
OS Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
- system name: comhpcalt
- username: adlink
- password (root): adlink123
- added “pcie_aspm=off” in grub configuration to disable AER messages

Note: Make sure to always fully power off, and then power on, your machine after every firmware upgrade.

Firmware Update Sequence

Please update your AVA/AADP System by downloading the latest firmware from here and do the following:

  1. Update your BMC firmware via IPMI Web GUI by referring to here.
    After the firmware is downloaded, please go to: “firmware files\A1 (BMC & MMC)\BMC FW” to update it to 1.08 version

  2. Update your MMC fimware (BMC LAN required) by referring to here.
    After download the firmware, please go to: “firmware files\A1 (BMC & MMC)\MMC FW” to update it to 1.09 version

  3. Update your EDKII firmware by referring to here.

    After download the firmware, please go to “firmware files\EDK2_SCP\ComHpcAlt_2.04.100.07” to update it to EDKII version

New Changes

  • EDKII v2.04.100.07

In Boot Manger Menu, only the USB drive with a bootable partition would be listed on this page.

If there is no bootable partition installed on USB drive or nvme ssd, then it will not show up in the boot manager menu.

But if you go to UEFI Shell, you can still access a device without bootable partition

  • EDKII Update by UEFI Capsule

A script named “capsule.nsh“ would help you to execute both EDKII firmware flashing and reboot the hardware automatically. Please wait for ~2 minutes for this process to complete.


  1. Capsule operation has been reconfigured since v2.04 and downgrading from v2.04 to v1.07 is not supported
  2. Capsule.nsh script can automatically distinguish your hardware between A1 and A2 to upgrade the corresponding EDK2 FW.


Why are there PCIe AER error messages appearing on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS when using Intel LAN X710?

This is due to the payload size of Intel LAN X710 required to be configured to a specific length. Please refer to here for details.