How to use Memory Channels

Installing Memory Channels

The following describes how to install different numbers of memory channels on your system (AADP / AVA), which would require you to use different, specified DIMM slots depending on the total number of memory channels used.

How to install Memory Channels?

1. Fully turn off your system (AADP / AVA), with all LEDs off.

2. Remove its glass casing by unscrewing the 2 screws at the right side of its rear panel.

3. Locate its 6 DIMM slots as indicated below.

4. According to the total number of memory channels you want to use (1, 2, 4, or 6), install them only to the DIMM slots as specified below, marked by *. Remove all unused memory channels, if any.

5. Once the correct DIMM slots have been filled, according to the total number of memory channels used, start up your system (AADP / AVA) and you shall be able to review their status through the BIOS, by doing the following.


— From your system’s BIOS, go to Device Manager > Platform Manager > Memory Configuration, as illustrated below.

— In Memory Configuration, you shall be able to see the status of the Memory Channels, as exemplified below.