Ampere® Altra®


The Ampere® Altra® processor is the world’s first 80-core (Armv8.2) system on a chip (SoC) solution using the Arm® Neoverse N1 architecture. Built for the cloud-to-edge computing of today and tomorrow, every one of its 80 CPU cores composes a single-thread design with a 64KB L1-cache, 64KB L1 D-cache, and a vast 1MB L2 cache. Along with support for mass PCIe Gen4 lanes, Ampere® Altra® brings premium, predictable performance with hyper scalability and efficiency. Also aiming toward a sustainable carbon footprint, the processor offers monumentally lower power consumption than its x86 counterpart.

Ampere® Altra® is the ideal go-to solution for powering various web, database, and AI applications. These include online forms, shopping carts, spreadsheets, video/photo editing, email programs, Oracle databases, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Oracle Autonomous DB, banking systems, medical records, Big Data Processing, computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation engines, and more.

Arm® Neoverse N1

Arm® Neoverse N1, with which Ampere® Altra® is built, is a high-performance Arm CPU microarchitecture that serves as the successor and high-leap to the Cosmos platform specifically for the server market. It revolutionizes daily computing for cloud-to-edge applications by offering exceptional performance and scalability, topped with unmatched power and space efficiency.