Flash The Image Through USB Drive

In this guide, we described how to flash the image through bootable USB drive.


  1. Make sure your USB drive is bootable.
  2. Insert the USB drive into the target device.
  3. Ensure your target device(I-Pi SMARC Elkhart Lake) is equipped with all necessary devices and cables such as a keyboard, mouse, USB pen drive, Ethernet cable, and HDMI.
  4. While the device is powered up, you’ll see the Adlink logo as shown in below figure and you’ll need to press the ‘Del’ key on your keyboard to enter the boot menu.
  1. In the ‘main section’ of the boot menu, you will see the current BIOS version (0.15.10) displayed as shown below.
  1. You can move into the boot section by pressing the right arrow key.

  2. As shown in the following figure, click Boot Option #1 and select your USB pen drive as the first option.

  1. Next, move to the ‘save & exit’ section and click ‘Save Changes and Reset’ as shown below figure.